What makes a guy a tool, douchebag, or jerk only by looking at appearance?

My roommate and I have this ongoing argument. He states that people who look at me without getting to know me will think I'm a tool (I'm 5'7, athletic build, tattoo half sleeves). Where as his humble appearance (sweatshirt, and sweatpants everyday (im not joking)) makes him easy to approach. My roommate and I are great friends

This discussion started after a group of girls who never got to know me stated I was a tool because of the way I dressed that day. (I have deep social anxiety and I keep quiet most of the time) I wore a hakuna matata tank top and sweats that day. My roommate notified me and I was kind of insulted and thus began this question.
So in your opinion what makes a man a tool just by appearance alone

P. s my half sleeves aren't tribal


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  • I like guys who fit your description but everyone is different. I judge more on behavior than I do on style. For example if a well dressed or really casual looking guy is constantly swearing at people or acting rude I'll think he's a jerk. If I see someone with tattoos and a different sense of style holding the door open for the person behind him, I'll think he's really nice. The only types of tattoos or senses of style that would make me think a guy is a jerk are naked women and ones with swear words everywhere. I swear too but if someone has a tattoo/shirt that says "fu*k you" or "women are dumb bit**es" or something stupid like that im going to think they're stupjd.


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  • I've had a job dealing with the general public for 8 years and here are the things I see that cause me to assume you are going to be trouble which can be in any combination: YES lots of tattoos, backwards cap, raybans, sleeveless shirt, shaved head, low hanging shorts, football in hand, anything with the UFC emblem, large upper body/skinny legs, ILS, dude/bro/protein verbage, brightly colored short shorts, selfishness, LOTS of cursing,

    • You only got me with tattoos haha but I agree with most your points. What about the fedora?

    • in combination with any of these other thins YES

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