Picture Tips.

I want to take some cool pictures of me and my boyfriend, but I need some tips to make them extra beautiful. Like in composition & lighting^^

Thank you!:D

Guys, I mean like beautiful stunning classic romantic pictures, I need to know how to do that^^


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  • I'm no photographer but for me the simplest way to get a good photo is to take allot. If your camera is like mine it will have settings where it can take a picture in rapid succession or have it take one photo every 1-10 seconds until told to stop. If you take a couple hundred photo’s your bound to have some good ones.

    MY opinion, not yours.



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  • photoshop or if you hav a mac, iphoto, you can mess with the lighting and compopsition ect. if you don't hav tht available then take them on a cloudy day when the sun isn't out. this takes away the risk of havin shadows or sunflare and the colors stand out more.

  • I'd say there's a difference between 'cool' and 'beautiful' when it comes to pictures. For pretty ones, try black and white. If it's film, try over exposing it just a bit. As for cool, set the colors to be BRIGHT. Sorry, all of my experience with cameras is black and white film...

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