How to be attractive?

give me advice plsss thanks


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  • I say this in the most gentlemanly and stoic way possible.

    Your attractiveness is already to an appreciable degree , no additional action is required.

    • ty but not the answer I was looking 4

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    • So attractiveness is a pure PHYSICAL bodily trait then?
      You want us to tell you how can you be more physically attractive?

      There is no stronger biological agent of attraction than pheromones.
      Look into Androstenol if you want to.
      Tho that sort of agent are probably too sensual and sexually aggressive for your own good don't you think?

  • This is probably not the answer you're looking for but just be yourself. Dress what you like and treat yourself well, have good hygiene and other normal stuff.

    Being attractive or not is a matter of perspective. To some you'll look really pretty, to others you'll look like shit

    • blunt and very true

    • Ofc if you asked if you were attractive or not you would have different answer, and you could see what's the general opinion. But I honestly don't think anyone would give you a much better answer than this

  • SMIIIILE. That gives you soo many points. You're attractive, so what you need is to feel attractive.
    Like they've already told you, confidence is huge too, it not only makes you feel great with yourself, but others will see you more positively.
    Dressing nice, smelling good, being presentable is also something that will make you attractive not just to others but to yourself too.
    Exercising also does wonders. No need to get ripped, but just staying healthy.

  • Ahem... Aren't you already? ;)

  • Confidence is really attractive


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  • Be respectful, somewhat serious, sweet, supportive, loyal, intelligent, social, outgoing, confident, somewhat humble if only in attitude, hard working and serious minded. People will love you for it. As for your looks - that is beyond your control but wear dresses if you really want to make yourself better in appearance.