My beautiful fiancee does not see herself as beautiful?

I'm engaged to a wonderful BBW. She is uk 20/22.

She has the classic hour glass figure but her hour glass just has a few more minutes in it, lol.

She has an amazing personality to boot!

I am very small, i'm partially disabled and even though im 31 I can where a 16-18 year olds suit!

My partner is very proud of her chest (42F) but still tries to hide it.
Also she wears baggy cloths to hide what she calls "my fat ass".

I love her so much and 3 years together she still not seem happy to show off her gawjus body.

She always says how happy she is with her size and her shape.
Some of her friends agree with me and some with her about covering up.

How can I make her feel better about less baggy cloths.

This is my first post please be nice, lol.


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  • As a bigger girl myself, I will say that it takes being in love with yourself to get past that. Its not enough to say you love your body. You truly have to believe it. I still have days where I don't like the way I look, but I know that my fiance loves me and when he tells me how sexy I look. Or compliments me on what I am wearing I feel even better. Does she have clothes that make her feel good and look good. I know what style I like that shows off my figure in a great way and I feel good in them. Your comment about her hiding in the back of the room after a DJ made a comment on the way she looks is a big indicator that she doesn't have self confidence. I would have strut around like a peacock if someone pointed out how good I looked. You always have to own it. It may help if she were to join a support group? But keep being uplifting because you are helping :-)

    • She has low self confidence.
      Her last two boyfriends used her.
      One had her as a trophy girlfriend, she is gawjus.

      She has a few tops she loves, these come right down and cover her bum so you can't see her bum.
      She loves her jeggins! So do I as hungs her sexy thighs. but can't see them as her top is almost at knee level.

      She buys dresses but wears them like a top as she is "long bodied" as she says. So tops are never long enough for her to cover her bum.

      I am proud to be out with her and am very happy to show her off to all my friends and family.

      We hit it off almost from start and never yet had a proper argument!
      It's like we known each other forever already.

      We looking forward to day we get married, but worried about dresses for her.
      Hope it does not put her off the big day!

    • I don't know where you are, but as I am looking for that dress, I know there are shops in my state that cater to BBW ladies. The dresses are beautiful and come in all styles. For me its not so much covering my bum as it is my tummy. All my shirts come down in the front and aren't form fitting. I will recommend for her to do internet searches for her body type and it will give her ideas on what clothes to buy that make her feel and look as beautiful as she is.

    • We are in the UK.

      She know the type of dress she wants. puffy at bottom with some kind of train that flows behind but not too long.

      I'm saving as want it be special for her.

      church (got one in mind already) plus horse drawn carriage then country house for reception.

      She deserves so much more than I can give her!

      I'm working but she cares for her father at home and money is tight.

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  • I think your best bet is to just compliment her every time she is wearing something showy. You know, positive reenforcement. But if you (and maybe others) just keep on telling her, she should believe it eventually

    • Thanks, 3 years and still trying.

      Last Saturday we went to a 50s themed party she had amazing dress on and showed some leg.

      everyone was amazed at how good she looked, even DJ commented.
      Shame he did it on the mic and then she hid for rest of night at back of room :(

      She turns heads in the street some times, its had to hide 42F boobs.
      For me the boobs are bonus I love her for her and not her boobs or bum or whatever!

      If you ask me looks are a visa, they do wear out, but the personality/person is for life!

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