Tattoos: How much do they REALLY hurt?

I'd like to get a tattoo, just a simple one, black ink, no colours or anything, it'd be a short russian proverb. I am very pain sensitive. How much would it hurt? And any suggestions on where I should get it? I'm thinking of on the inside of my wrist, or on my hip. I don't really know. Where are the places where it hurts the least? Thank you.

Or possibly under left breast.


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  • I have tattoos on both my shoulder blades and neither of them hurt. The first one I was laying down for, and I damn near fell asleep. The second one was just mildly annoying. The third one had me gritting my teeth a bit.

    I have one on my wrist that I didn't feel at all. I have another on my forearm that was a smidge painful. And then I have two on my inner ankle that didn't hurt, but the sitting position was awful.

    But I'm not pain sensitive. A good spot to get your first tattoo, though, would be a shoulder blade in my opinion.


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  • I got a piece done on my left pectorial and left deltoid and it wasn't very painful at all.

  • My buddy got a big one on the inside of his wrist, I lold pretty hard during.

  • oh my gosh I'm worrying about this too. i want a tattoo an my arm, a rather large one. It's gonna be my first one, and I'm wondering if it'll hurt. i hope not...

    I'm sorry. my bantering isn't really answering your question, is it?

  • Your wasting your money


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  • It depends entirely on where you get it done. Under your boob will probably have you pale as a sheet and in tears if you're not good with pain.

    Less fat = more pain
    More fat = less pain

    I got my first tattoo on my outer thigh, slept through most of it until she got closer to my knee. That's when I started cringing a bit.

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