Why am I unable to tell when somebody is considered good looking?

I knew a girl that I thought was kind of ugly but my friend was always praising her and madly in love with her for her looks and on her Facebook profile the first thing anybody ever says to her is that she is beautiful.

I knew another girl that I thought was average looking but she always had 20 - 60 guys chasing after her (depending on where she was) and she was a church girl who didn't sleep around.

I had a cousin that I thought was average looking or below average and she had 60 guys chasing after her and 6 guys stalking her.

It seems I don't know when somebody is good looking.

same with Selena Quinatilla. I think she is extremely plain looking but she was considered beautiful by everybody.


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  • i have the same thing... kinda.
    whenever some random dude on here asks the classic question 'rate me from 1-10', and i take a look at his picture. i find him rather... ugly. just ugly. and when i look at the answers on his Q, i read all sorts of girls calling him hot, and cute and at least a 7 or 8. i don't think i am ugly, at least not as ugly as that other guy, but when i asked that question i only got 'average' and 'below average' and a 4 or 5 max. and I'm like "dude... I'm uglier than that other guy?" and then I'm like 'i wanna die my love life is worthless' (fyi i don't really wanna die, just to express how dazzled i was)

    anyways that was my story.
    well... um... bye 👋


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  • u hav Prosopagnosia


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  • I'm the same way! But I know beauty when I see it and I will talk about that person to everyone