Reading Body Language?

I feel like I'm being sent mixed signals. A guy in half of my classes--I've known him for about a year--seems to be flirting, but I can't tell. One day he will poke me, lean towards me and get close enough to my face that our noses are touching, even attempted keeping his hand wrapped around my waist at one point. [That didn't work out for him] And then another day he will completely ignore my existence, and he sat on me... >...:P

Is he flirting?


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  • We guys are strange. There's a study out there that I would have to agree with that explains are feelings can be described as Waves some times we can be really flirtatious then other days we just mess around so don't be surprised if he does that

    But yes I would say he's flirting with you

  • Yes, this type of physical palyful behavior is definatley flirting. Either that or he's gay.


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