Just bought woman's boyshorts?

Bought 3 pair of them on Amazon a couple days ago for myself, they look comfy... Black and red. I wear a 32 so hopefully the medium size will fit good. Any girls find that to be a huge turnoff?

I feel that they'd fit like briefs but just a little shorter.


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  • Definitely a turn-off to most and very creepy...

    • It's not that I wanna be a creep, but I've wanted underwear that'd feel good to wear and briefs don't do the job... Aren't they both just about the same anyway?

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    • Yeah canceled the order... Really didn't think they looked Too much different... just sexier and comfy, so I did take your advice on those boxer briefs, and. Kept one pair of the boyshorts that look 'do-able' haha!

    • I hope the boxer-briefs are comfy enough.

  • Huge turn off

    • Thank you for your comment. Maybe I'll just cancel the order... Didn't think it would be too bad when I did it.

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