Any suggestions for buying a toe ring?

I am considering getting a toe ring? I have never had one before. Do they come in different sizes? Is there anything that I need to get or beware of?


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  • The toe rings I've worn before were adjustable so you could put the ring on different toes. Most people wear their ring on their second toe though.

    I would say look for something that is made out of real silver so the ring doesn't do that weird/nasty thing when it turns green.


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  • Toe rings may be adjustable or in a fixed size. Solid metal is better than plated, of course.

    Get one slightly loose fitting, as your toes will tend to swell during the day, just like the rest of your feet. Like they tell you to try on shoes later in the day. Same reason.

    I wear mine on my second toe but I've seen them on other toes too.

  • Yeah they do come in different sizes and designs