What is this guy thinking if he looks at me with a straight face?

so my crush looks at me with a straight face, smiling lightly, until I turn away being shy after a few seconds...

he used to be pretty shy and nervous before, now he's being confident, dressing good, and looks at me straight in the eye...

is this a good thing or bad thing? how am I to approach this? should I go over say something?


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  • I think he's attracted to you and is trying to impress you.

    Since you're attracted to him, maybe you should try talking to him. Ask him what he's doing this weekend and if he's interesting in hanging out with you some time or something like that.


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  • He's trying to impress you. Plain and simple. Talk to him more, and try to spend more time with him. Just don't get clingy. Good Luck.


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