Why have I not managed to find a steady girl?

I am a 24 year old guy and I have been with over 10 girls sexually. I don't have a small wang or anything just an average one. For some reason I just can't get anyone to stick around with me except girls that I am not attracted to I don't want to sound like a shallow hal but I can't be with a girl I'm not attracted to. I don't know what's wrong am I just one of those unattractive guys that girls don't want to be with or have I lost all confidence. Somebody help


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  • Maybe your reputation is scaring all the relationship-minded girls away. If I knew a guy had a lot of partners or was considered to be a player I would stay away from him and probably not believe him if he claimed he wanted a relationship.

    What is wrong with the girls that like you? You said they are unattractive, are they really unattractive or just not up to a perfect hot girl status? Sometimes there are more important things than looks but if they're truly not cute at all I understand..

    • Oh no I'm not a player. I won't have gf's for months at a time sometimes. I think I have an unattractive personality I don't seem to know why. I do abuse marijuana and alcohol could that be a reason. what does a girl prefer a sober minded guy or a wild child?

    • Yeah that is actually a BIG reason. Either stop using mj and alcohol and cut down, you will probably see a big difference.

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  • First of all, if it's a relationship you want, sex has nothing to do with it. Also, keep your sexual escapades count to yourself. No self respecting girl is gonna want to here that. You must be patient, and don't fill any void with another ditz while you're being patient. The kinda girls that get serious with a guy don't contemplate a prospective relationship with you if they see you out with a piece of ass. Biggest issue, you need to change your perception relationships a bit(eg. the escapades tally, your d*** size). Chicks don't dig dudes that think like a puberty jutted teenager. Next time your out, be friendly, be refreshing, be interesting, most important... be interested in getting to know them versus in them. Hope I've helped, if even a little.