How many moms are on this site that wear thongs?

Wearing thong undergarments is seen as a younger persons style. However over the last few weeks i have noticed there are numerous moms who are as beautiful if not more so that their 20 something year old daughters.

How many moms on here wear thongs? If so how frequently?


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  • I don't think thongs are a younger persons style... Why can't a mom be allowed to feel sexy or get rid of underwear lines?

    • thats what i was wondering. just curious how many moms actually still wear thongs in their daily work attire or for pleasure (around the house, shopping, going out)

    • I was just saying that just as many moms wear thongs as "non-moms" do. The question is just kinda irrelevant I guess. Mom's are like everyone else. And I am sure there are still grandma's who wear thongs (assuming they don't need special underwear for medical reasons.

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