Guys would you want to be me?

guys would you want to be me?

I'm asking because I want to know if "good enough" to be boy friend yet.

so would want to be me guys

1. I'm passionate about life

2. I try be out going and take nature walks

3, I'm going start business to increase my health

4. I'm caring about others and open minded

5, I live animals.

6. I have some looks


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  • fuck no i don't want to be some early thirties delusional balding guy winth no real career living in a parallel universe

    • Im not baling your the one delusional

    • but do you have a carrier? carriers are on decline and 10 years nobody going have job but the elite.

  • I want to be you

    • People would just behave , consider and listen II could show them how earn power its 50 laws.

  • Could be worse people to be.

  • You seem like a bit of a turd that always post really delusional questions about being famous and successful. So no.
    (No offence by the way you did ask)

    • you know what I have magazine that wrote about me? I IN fact I get big media campaign going soon :)

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    • You just sound like a complete loser who can even talk

    • so loser don't do crap. losers live of rich parent and get into trouble