How do I know if a guy is looking at me?

There is this guy I really like, and I see him look at me, but I'm not sure if he's looking at me or just something near me. How do I indiscreetly find out if he's watching me and not just some random thing?


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  • Ha! I've been that guy.

    Go up to him and ask him if there's something he likes looking at over there. If he's like me he will meekly say no and quit bothering you. :)

    • It wouldn't bother me. If I really like him why would it be a bother for him to look at me? lol. I would feel pretty stupid talking to him when he hasn't directed anything to me. He's the type of guy who gets annoyed when people get into sh*t they aren't welcomed to. I'm just a wuss :)

    • Alright so you don't mind him looking at you. If he's looking at some random thing, that's what we call an alibi. He was looking at you, then as soon as you turn your head, he looks away. What are ya gonna do...

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  • Move to a different position in space-time?

    See if he follows.

    Sounds simple.


  • Just remain closer to him and observe

    you have got two beautiful eyes for this purpose.

    And don't do it secretly .Be confident for it.

    Solutions are always the part of us.Just need is motivation from inside.


  • go ask him if he likes you hmmkay?


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