GIRLS : Help me with my nail questions?

Hey ladies!

Okay so I've never ever had my nails done before, I want them as short as possible because I can't even function in fake nails haha!
Few questions!
What's best for the most natural feel?

Gels or acrylics?
What shape is best to have? Square, round, coffin?
Thanks ladies !


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  • hmm...

    im not sure if this will persuade at all, but i wouldn't recommend getting fake nails at all. dont get me wrong, they look great, but they can damage ur nails a lot =/

    iv always found it nicer to have my nails natural in a square shape, just cuz it suits my hands. honestly, before u get them done, i suggest u give it some time to try grow out ur nails by filing and using a strengthener. you'll b surprised how nice they can get.

    i love something like this:

    but up to u:) just remember not to get addicted to them so that ur natural nails have time to recover:) xx


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  • Gels on your nails don't feel any different from acrylics. The gels themselves are just glossier, smoother, harder, and way longer lasting. You won't see scratches on them, and they won't chip off. The only downside to it is that they're more expensive and your fingernails can outgrow them relatively fast - that's why I get gels only on my toenails, since they grow much slower, and acrylics instead on my fingernails.

    If you want your nails as short as possible, then better go with the round shape. It can make your nails look a bit longer than they really are and even your fingers more slender. The square and coffin ones only look good if your nails are long or of medium length.

  • Gels are expensive compared to acrylics. They are both good regardless, it just depends if you want to be spending more or not.

    They do ask you how short you want them so that's the length sorted out.

    I like the round ends, because they look more natural.

  • gel and acrylics both feel a little heavy but acrylics feel a lot more heavy i like squared nails but rounder

  • In nursing, we are only allowed 1/4 inch nails from fingertip.
    So, no extensions for us.

  • gel is better because it can be fixed easily. square is traditional, almond is fairly new.