Emo yay or nay?

When I think of a women, I imagine pure beauty! The way she talks and laughs, t to the way she walks and runs. I'm the guy that notices little details. I won't point them out but I will make personal memories in my mind about her. I try to remember everything she liked and dislikes. Her happiness is my happiness, just to knowing I am the cause of that smile is enough to boost me up ten fold! There is no such thing as perfection but I strive to get as close to perfection as possible, Especially when it's concerning someone I want or want to keep in my life. Does this all sound weird? Does it make me emo? I'd like to think of myself as someone who takes extra time out of his schedule to see that special someone smile. Even if you catch me talking to other girls, I'm as loyal as a German Shepherd but when I attack I'm as nimble as cat and as fierce as a Li0n lol.πŸ˜‚ Warning, I do have the heart of the wolf because I do show extreme aggression when doubled crossed. You might label me cold blooded. You might dertermine I'm a heartless man with troublesome intentions. I try not to be physical period because I don't know my own strength. I'm never physical with a lover unless it's in the bedroom, Yes I bite, l can be very dominate but I keep it hidden because I hate knowing that I am the cause of someone's pain. I wrote this because there's one person who has my full attention. I won't say her name but you can't possibly imagine how she's got me reacting. I sometimes feel inhuman because I'm reading into emotions and verbal responses as if I'm a stalker... Yes it makes no sense but I feel like I'm stalking my prey... It's not her beauty it's this vibe, this aura. It sorrounds me like a cocoon. It's as sweet as the perfume of a desert flower and as toxic as a desert rose but my nose is in search and destroy mode. Haha I write like this when I'm bored so tell me, Emo, strange and intense, or beautiful and inspiring lol or dumb or all of the above. please be kind... πŸ˜‚οΏ½οΏ½l

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Lol people are writing dumb a lot maybe I should've just said "she's hot" hHa that sounds like the wannabe macho losers who care more about getting laid and what's between her legs instead if taking the time out to notice detail about the woman their interestex in.
If your a girl and you label this dumb you probably need your head examined or your just immature and good penis is the only thing you've ever cared about and if that's the case dont even vote. I'll call you a name escort!👌 don't trip


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  • I voted for all of the above. You're tone changed throughout the paragraph. At the end of the day you're expressing yourself. There's no right or wrong way to do that. I don't think you should've even included the "dumb" option.

    • I included it because some people don't know what it means to feel what k sometimes feel. Slots guys and girls only care about immaculate sex game lol.. That's cool and all to so to each his own

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    • Your right, probably just won't respond anymore. I'm over it. Thank you

    • No problem and thanks for MHO.

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  • You have too much going on bro

    • I'm not your bro... πŸ˜‘ Ahhhh I'm trying to figure out where do you people come from...😠 I wish I could take this shit down lol... One person comes at my throat and now here comes another one.. I WAS BORED!!! SO I WROTE IT! Please just get off me...

    • And don't you have school?πŸ˜’

    • I'm not coming at u so chill. And time is different in different parts of the planet genius

  • That kinda cool
    I like it

  • You're definitely not emo

    • And what is emo? Please describe it to me.

    • "Emo" is short for emotional and is a style of music.

      People that are referred to as emo generally wear dark clothing & enjoy music (often punk rock).
      They are also most commonly know for being "misunderstood" and for some reason seem to enjoy photography.

      You're just poetic. From what I've read, you don't seem to fit into the classification of an emo kid.

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  • Dumb and not because I am a macho looser but because you really are... How's anything you said related to being emotional, intense,... You just wrote a cake to catch the attention on your being. You say it's for someone but the only person you're talking about is yourself. You're a self centered person, that's the only obvious thing here.

    • *shots fired*

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    • What the hell... Dude. Are you a fuckin psycho or what?

    • Look, you guys can comment and post whatever you want, but was the sexism really necessary?

  • I notice details I may even go to act dumb to reveal more about her. I actually would never want to have sex because the more I think about it the less "wow" it becomes I'm still a virgin in fact but by choice. I respect people but sometimes when I see they need a push I'll push them. Yea I'm shy and awkward but once I get to know them I am usually child-like and relaxed.

    • I didn't lose the V card until I was 18 1/2 bro to my first love in the entire world don't stress lol I wabted wait til I found someone I wanted to marry

    • I fell in love but got my heart stepped on repeatedly by that same girl so I don't want sex at all considering it is only going to complicate things. I'd rather be friends with people. If I do find someone better who respects that I do not want intercourse and loves me for all of me.

    • Also I forgot to vote but I'd vote C

  • Shoulda put all of the above but I think women love a man that remembers the little things in life. It lets em know you pay attention and truly care. I like your writing style.

    • Lol if you care about gettin your dick wet than half of the shit I said In this was pointless to you

    • Gee thanks I guess. Because I definitely said all I care about is getting my dick wet... I was complimenting you. But you can be a dick about it if you want