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Ok I'm 20 and I am not use to having people giving me complements. Especially guys I don't think I'm cute but guys seem to or there just trying to get sex I don't know. I don't know why they would think I'm hot its just weird thinking a guy would like me mostly because I have had unfaithful boy friends and once that tell me I'm ugly and fat and they always seed they were joking but to a girl its not a joke. So why do guys do that? Why do they think I'm sexy? I don't get it at all.


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  • Sounds like some of your past and self image are getting you down. "Sexy" is the whole package of attitude, personality, character, confidence, looks, clothes, etc. and everyone has their own opinions and turn ons that will be different from person to person. I know you can't just forget your past and you shouldn't. It has contributed to who you are, but you need to remember that not every guy will be unfaithful. Besides, any jerk who even jokes negatively about her looks is a retard. Keep wearing that beautiful smile and have the confidence to graciously say "thanks" the next time you get a positive complement. You will find a man who finds you attractive and will be faithful.


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  • If that's your picture, you are beautiful (and (tread lightly now, Ted) sexy).

    "Sexy" is a part of the whole package. Perhaps you've only known guys with a one-track mind.

    There are guys out there that would be faithful. It's sad that you've had bad experiences.

    Guys can be cruel, whether intentional or not. I don't know why they do it. Maybe they're jerks?

    Not too deep, but it's all I can come up with now.


  • Two words: mind games.

    I cut myself off from practically all human interaction between 16 and 29. It was a wise choice. Silly people contaminate you with their idiocy, so distance yourself from them. It's the only way to keep yourself afloat.


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