This guy who used to be my friend looks me straight in the eye, and tries to hold my gaze...

i like him too, but its not going anywhere. Were just silent, we won't say anything more than hi, or hey hows it going, either were shy or just afraid...I'm really shy and want him to make the move, but he's not, at least not yet, and I'm sick of waiting, I smile and return the gaze, I wave hi, I don't know what else to do...


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  • I heard something that if two people (opposite sex.. or gay I guess lol) look each other for longer than 3 seconds in the eye, the thought of sex enters their head. So yea, I would say that he does have some interest.

    • I know he does, I'm pretty sure we like each other, I didn't wanna write all details, but I just don't know when he's gonna step up his game, or should I do something? I have like no balls whatsoever to go up to him

  • Initiate convos with him more often and try to make them last longer and you seem interested in his don't have to ask him out just take it slowly and easy going


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