What is the symbolism or meaning behind these necklaces?

I've always wondered what the symbolism meant regarding the emblems that a man gives a woman to wear as a necklace.

A key obviously means: You've got a key to my heart, baby...

But what do the other emblems mean?

ie. 1, What do you think a wing mean?

ie. 2, What do you think the Blue Ruby necklace that Rose wore means from the movie Titanic?

ie. 3, What would a 24K gold heavy chain mean, other than you're ballin' as fuck?


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  • The first means your heart is committed and faithful
    The second means a higher power is controlling your life and blessing you
    The third represents loyalty and memories as blue is associated with loyalty. It may also represent sorrow.

    • I want the second one, a wing necklace, in 24k gold chain.

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    • Some people do buy their own necklaces or its purchased through family members such as a husband buying for a wife or a wife using the house resources to purchase the necklace.

    • That's when you find some dude who wants you to be his boo and ask him to give you a Tiffany's necklace of your choice...

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