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I am a 31 year old almost-virgin. I was overweight in high school and then when I got into better shape, a few guys I dated had problems with my stretch marks, lack of firmness, paleness, and lack of knowledge about sex. Like Tina Fey said a few days ago, I couldn't give it away! Except once. I gave up and focused on my career instead.

I would like a relationship now; I am hoping that now I'm older, guys will not care so much about the stretch marks. But I am concerned about my lack of experience. I'm worried that guys will think it is weird to be so old and so inexperienced. One guy I dated in college got really irritated when we made out that I was so awkward. I am affectionate and I would like to be able to please. But I don't want to have to pick up random guys in bars to do so. I know this is a weird question, but can anyone suggest how to learn to be more comfortable in bed without picking up random guys? Are there courses (ha)? I am at the point now where I feel so nervous about my inexperience and body that I just know I will come across as weird to guys unless I can figure out what to do and chill. Thanks for any suggestions.


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  • Most guys I don't think will care much about a partner who is inexperienced. As long as were getting sum does it matter? Well, yes it does, but we as men will get over it.

    Most people who are bad at sex (men and women alike) are that way generally because they don’t try to improve that aspect of themselves. They expect sex to come naturally and it doesn’t.

    You already have one up on the majority of the so called “experienced” lovers; you’re not starting ignorant of your skill level. You know you need to gain experience. Pick up some sex ed books or videos.

    MY opinion, not yours.


  • so what kinda pointer are you looking for...


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