Guys is 105lbs ok for a 5'1 inch girl aged 22?

Which is better-98lbs or 105lbs for 5'1 girl? I would be a UK Size 4-6, more 4 if I were 98lbs (US Size 0-2). If I were 105lbs, I would be UK Size 6 (US Size 2).

Dont worry I would eat and exercise properly. I'm not about to become anorexic!

Which would you find more attractive?

I have small bust, slim legs and arms but gain weight on my tummy so I think this weight will make me more proportioned. I'm really small so I don't think it would look too skinny, just right. I look awful with extra weight so please don't tell me to bulk up, just say what you think of that weight!=) Aside from the tummy, I have small petite features. I have been told I look like a doll before-not sure if that's good though lol!

Thanks guys!=)


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  • Let the mirror be your guide. If you like what you see then that is the weight that is best for you.

  • I think closer to the 98lb mark would be more attractive.


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