How does a guy like a girl to look?

i want to look nice for the guy I like..but I know he thing another girl in my class is cute ): . I want to look and feel 'pretty' but I don't like the clothes I have ... I have no money to buy more and I always look like a boy ): it upsets me a lot because I feel like if I'm not pretty enough and I don't wear nice clothes no one will ever want me ):

not only that, in my previous questioin I stated I'm realy bad at flirting , or at least starting to flirt . so can you guys tell me if looks realy do matter? because I get so self concious and stressed because I think I look like a boy


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  • I personally don't care about the way a girl dresses unless she looks trashy, to me its her personality that matters. As for the flirting, its ok I know how you feel, because I can't flirt at all...period. So maybe just try talking to him. Keep me updated and if you want add me as a friend.


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