Nature vs. Nurture

I have a bit of a strange question here. There was an article in my local paper recently about a doctor who molested his (child) patients, telling them he was doing research on human growth. It got me thinking...what actually makes someone a pedophile? Are they born that way, or does the environment they're raised in influence their behavior? I've always believed we are born with a sexual orientation (in other words, I don't think someone who's gay CHOSE to be that way), but I think pedophilia is a whole different matter.

I'm inclined to think sexual repression during puberty is a main cause for pedophilia, but my brother firmly believes people are just born the way they are. Just curious what you guys thought about this.


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  • I think that doctor is one sick SoB and he should be locked up with the real pedophiles that do it to adults.

    My opinion is that you can't be born gay. You LEARN to speak, you LEARN to walk... How can you be born with an impression in your memory? On the contrary, it is called evolution, we all have the thoughts there that could make us great, or could make us horrible. The thoughts you are referring to must be initiated in order to become an action.

    So what I'm saying is this. Everyone knows XYZ- but one person chooses X and another person chooses Z. It is there up-bringing that made them decide their choice. I don't think gays/lesbians should be brought into pedophilia (as much as I AM against it) because I believe they are human like the rest of us.

    I think the pedophilia does come from a repression of feelings that are sexual and/or physical. I think there are also other reasons that are unknown, for instance:

    - A mother that didn't involve herself within her childs existence

    - A father that raped his son <-- another sick SoB

    - Peers influencing your self esteem (lowering)

    among other things.

    In my opinion, pedophilia or rapists should be hung as an example. It will install a fear into the remaining rapists that they will hang from a rope (instead of getting a better life in jail) and will help reduce the crime rate (even though it is unconstitutional).

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    • Thanks for such an in depth answer. Admittedly, I have some really different opinions from yours, but it's always good to hear an answer from all sides.

      And unfortunately, that doctor is dead and can't be properly punished. From what I read, he died fairly recently, and people moving into his old home knocked down a wall to rebuild a room and found his stash of photos/videos of him abusing his patients. Really sick stuff. It's a shame his victims can never see him brought to justice.

    • Thank you for accepting my opinion, its a pleasure to have people on this site that are open-minded.

      Your right about the doctor, maybe when we get the technology to bring him back to life he will be put in the correct shoes and have to live through his past-life mistakes.

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  • I think if we knew the answer to this question then there would be less confusion over the whole issue. I do know that people who have been proven to be paedophiles can undergo counselling and psychological therapy although I do not know who that is there to benefit - the people studying them or the paedophiles themselves. This kind of work would only be of use if paedophilia was not a sexual preference but an active choice and I don't think this is the case. Often the people will say that they had no intention of harming the child they just were attracted to them. I believe it is a combination of sexual preference, which I think we are born into, and environmental factors - like past abuse. I know that with counselling it can help someone to learn that what they are doing is wrong and so they learn to not act on their feelings