How to style my hair with my prom dress?

Here is what the dress looks like

I'm not sure how to wear my hair or what jewelry to wear with it.

I should specify that I have long, naturally pin straight hair. It is very, very resistant to curling, even if i can curl it, no amount of hair spray will make it stay.


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  • wear your hair up! your neck will look beautiful


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  • I would always encourage hair up since prom can typically be hot and sweaty from dancing.
    Go classy with jewelry! Maybe a necklace and earrings with pearls. That would be beautiful!

  • I think a half-updo would look nice!

  • What type of hair do you have first of all (curly, wavy, straight, etc.) (blonde, brunette, black)?

    But in all honesty, go with something you feel represents you and your style. Prom is a time to showcase who you are.

    • I have flat lifeless hair. Its VERY hard to curl it. Right now its brown/black but im planning on dyeing it purple soon.

    • Mannn I was about to say beach waves! Maybe an off-center part for the hair. I think it should be down for it to flatter the dress.

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