Ladies brown eyes on a guy nice or boring?

Also thick or thin lips on guys? piercings? Short thin hair? Long thick hair? Short thick hair? Long thin hair?

Just curious thanks for the answers and all ^_^.


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  • I personally aren't too fussed on looks which many people find surprising but I just like a guy to be comfortable in himself and have confidence in his looks however in answer to your question:

    I like medium sized lips on a guy, not too thin but then not too big either. I like slender built guys and I like them to have a sort of scene sort of style. Piercings suit different people, most guys I like have piercings, especially either snake bites and ear piercings. Brown eyes aren't boring! I think darker eyes suit people with darker hair and blue eyes suit people with lighter hair. I like medium hair (sort of to the length of your cheek bones) and I like a side fringe too.

    Good luck


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  • Okay, I absolutely LOVE brown eyes, those deep brown eyes are so amazing. That and extremely blue eyes.

    The lip thing don't pay much attention to it, as long as there not so thin I can't see their lips and so thick it eats up their whole face, lol.

    I don't mind piercings, I think most of them are hot, expect that nose piercing in the front of the nose, I don't know what that's called, but gross...

    I love long hair. Probably thick is the best. But idc how long, even if its freaky long as long as they know how to take care of it. I don't go for that buzz cut look at all.

  • ..At first Personality...I mean if we can't "connect" why should I care about his eyes/ hair etc?But if he has everything that I want in his personality -sense of humour, open hearted, self confidence etc- then if I had to pick appearance traits I would like him to have brown hair and brown eyes- he gets a plus if he has gray eyes, they re soo rare that's why I like 'em...And medium length hair...And I hate piercings on a guy...As a style I like rock style...

    • Oh I guess I was a bit vague on that I was meaning as a purely looks sort of thing like if a guy was behind glass and you had no clue what he was like. And what do you mean medium length hair? As in like covering ears but no more than that kinda thing?

    • Exactly..: )

    • Alright good stuff thanks

  • I don't care as long as the guys nice to me!

  • How can an eye color be boring?

    I prefer thick lips, better for kissing

    No piercings except for his ears, but I have rarely been attracted to the occasional pierced up's just not my preference

    Short thick hair > long thin hair

  • brown is good eyes take on so many different shades and shapes and sizes you can't really ask that question and get a good answer unless you post a couple of pics. either way a soft brown is nice.

    • Hmm true I didn't so much think about the whole different type of eye thing did I.

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    • Okay I think I have a very vague image of you. your like indian and mexican or maybe even part black, but can't tell

      well you know brown eyes are common, but if you go east they get less common and a couple people are a sucker for brown eyes. because they don't see e'm too often when there surrounded by white people mostly.

    • Nope I'm 100% whiteboy :P. Though I live around a lot of native people so maybe it's just seeing brown eyes constantly has made me think they're boring on me.

  • Brown eyes aren't boring at all! I have brown eyes, after all. I find them nice

    As for piercings, they're usually pretty hit or miss for me. Lip piercings can be incredibly sexy, but I hate eyebrow piercings, for example. I usually think ear piercings on a guy are pretty cute.

    As for lips and hair... I can't give you a specific answer for that, since it varies from guy to guy. If you had some different hairstyles in mind, maybe you could link to pictures of them so everyone can get a good idea of what they look like and give you feedback that way. Or just post a picture of yourself?

    Hope this helps you out.


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