Applied to ford and Bmg modeling how. Long will it be before I find out if I got into bmg?

Im excited to see if i got into ford probably not but it will b about a month i wonder how long it will be before i find out if i made it into BMg. Fyi in Chicago. Do u guys know how long it will be and do u think i got in

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For the poll im askin if u think ill get into bmg ik i probably didn't get in to ford


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  • Don't know how long but you got a cute face. Good luck!

    • Thanks there looking for people. At leasr 5'6 im 5'7 and really Skinny but I don't know id i got into bmg i dont think i got into ford but I don't know bout bmg

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    • Yeah, most guys don't know what 26 31 31 mean anything... @_@ It be cool if we have a full pic to work with but it alright :D

    • Lmaoo im sorry. Bust :31 waist:26 hips:31 (inches)

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  • are those modeling agencies for minors? you could probably be waiting a few weeks to a few months.

    • They are for adults and teens as well as kids u need a parents permission doe wich i have excuse my spelling

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