What do you think of my new website?

It is still in the works.


Wanted to make a new website to link the mytakes on here.

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Made some changes and added auto slideshows


Most Helpful Guy

  • It looks nice, only thing I can really say about it was the lack of color. Kind of bland and depressing to look at.

    But your picture counterbalances it some. In your pic you have a friendly sort of inviting smile, even though it looks a bit force.

    It's overall a fine website in the making.

    What are your plans with hbnetwork. com?

    • Linking some of mytakes on here to the site. Opinionals, blogs, forums, polls, surveys, etc.

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    • I am a gymer. Not to be confused with gamer. Lol

    • I'm both lol

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  • It looks very professional to me and I like the clean black, but what is it going to be about?

    May I now how you've set it up? I've been thinking about doing something like this, too.

    • Yea. This is pretty much a relaunch. It was not difficult to make at all.

  • It is really cool. How did you created it? As for me, I like WordPress really, and I am making my new website using a cool theme from www.templatemonster.com/website-templates.php website. Can you help me with it?

  • It looks good, and i'll give you an A for the effort but you might want to build something from scratch rather than using weebly, good luck.