Which watch do you think looks better?




I'm basically stuck between these three.

Personally, these are the impressions that each one of them give me.

#1: Young, flashy, fresh, high energy. The young professional, full of energy and potential. I feel it's a bit arrogant and cocky. Since it's also packed with that young energy, it sort of carries with it all the flashy-ness without any real back-up. It's like, okay, you're a young professional, but you lack the success in this stage of your life right now; why are you wearing a watch that makes such a bold statement?

#2: I really like this watch. It's subtle, yet strong and confident. It doesn't need to say much to make an impression. It's very masculine and powerful, and not the least bit loud or desperately seeking attention or praise. I guess the message it sends out is confident, quiet, composed, secure, stable, not show-offy, successful but modest. It would also go really well with my semi-professional and mostly casual look. I like to let my stubble grow sometimes, and I think it would compliment that better than an all-metalic watch.

#3: This one is also one of my favorites. It's classy and sophisticated. It would definitely go well for work or when I'm out with clients. Though I'm not sure how well it would work on a more personal or casual setting. Is it too strong? I don't want to wear something that carries over such a serious and professional vibe when I'm in a casual setting with a group or someone. It definitely goes hand-in-hand with a cultured and educated character, but I'm afraid it might reinforce that a little too much. I don't want to seem too cultured or intellectual.

I'm curious to know the impressions that women get from these three watches. Which one would you prefer on your guy? Which one do you like in general? How do you feel about each watch? What impressions does it leave on you? Why?

  • #1 The all-silver timepiece one
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  • #2 The black leather-fiber glass one
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  • #3 The copper-bronze accent one
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this is link #1 link


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  • i like #2 alot...it's very masculine like you said and people will notice it but not think your trying to be flashy also I think it would look nice with black dress pants or even some dark jeans

    and none of the link #1's work for me and as for #3 I think its alright but for your age I think you can pull off #2 very well. or if your cheap like me I would get 2 watches kinda like these (those styles) for half the price and then id have 2 watches lol

    • Two hondas are not the same as one jaguar.

      But conversely, there's a fine line between being cheap and frugal. Being smart with your money isn't a bad thing or something to feel ashamed of. On the other hand, when you take that to an extreme, I'll admit it's a little weird. But I think you'd do better to call yourself financially smart rather than cheap.

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  • Link number one still doesn't work...

    But I really like number two... it's professional but still not too much... so you can dress it up or down... and that's really good with watches! Also, I think it fits your age group... and I personally really dislike the third one... too showoffy and it's just too much. so I would definitely go for #2. :)

  • the second one is probably the stereotypical "man watch" and I'd think its cool I guess.

    third one I'm like wow they have great taste and would show that you are willing to step out of the norm. first link not opening for me!

  • Link #1. I really don't judge guys by their watches I just think that one is the best looking watch.

    • Thanks, but unfortunately people in my profession do, even during a casual lunch or dinner. the guys envy the other guys' watches, and the wives and girlfriends notice and form judgements. welcome to nyc.

    • Wow good to know..

  • #3, but link #1 wouldn't work for me


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