What do you think of the perfume HaraJuku G perfume?

What do you think? Because I might buy this one but I want to know other peoples opinions. thanks :)


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  • I love the perfume, brought it a few months ago, however it smells absolutely goregeous but I found it doesn't last very long as some perfumes you only need to spray on once in the morning or so and it clings on to your clothes and stays around for hours but with the harajuku collection I found myself having to reapply the scent every hour or so.

    It is a good perfume though and it comes in such an adorable bottle but I just wish it lasted a little longer

    Good luck ;)

    • I love the perfume too! I had it brought for me as a christmas present, I had the music one and I much prefer that to some of the others but they all smell fab!


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  • it smells SO good!

  • good stuff