What should I wear tonight?

Meeting a guy tonight after a couple of brief encounters (non sexual) at his to hang out... He is older than me (40s I am 32) and I was wondering what to wear. I dont want to go and give the wrong impression (I know you all think I am going to his for a reason and its not true, its just he had his wallet stolen on Saturday night and is awaiting a new card and won't let me pay) I am thinking skinny jeans and a vest top with a low back design... Over knee suede boots... is that sexy enough without encouraging him to tear them off? I wanna take it slowly!


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  • think you should reconsider the boots, , sounds to me like as hot as hot can get, super sexy without being over the top, i know if a woman came to my door looking like that i would be hard pushed to keep my hands off her. and before anyone gets the wrong idea i don't mean a complete stranger, well you know

    • they are flat boots and i will be taking them off at the door!

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    • hell no

    • then your a small bit safer

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  • The foundation of your question is confusing.

    Post a picture of what you are going to wear.

    • i would if i wasn't at work chained to my desk... I just dont wanna debate this in the 30 mins i have to get ready and change when i get home... so was wondering if it sounded ok... I am 5'10 slim, a model actually so i can get away with most things.

  • Your going to hang at his house, it won't matter what you wear..


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