Do u girls like this outfit? 3 questions?

Would u notice the guy more if he wore this at the pub or the nightclub?

What do girls think about the guy who wear matching clothes


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  • I think it looks good, and what do you mean by matching? like when the shirt matches the pants?

    • if a guy is fashion interested?

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    • If a guy likes fashion. Who like to dress themselves good. :)

    • ok I gotcha now. Yea I think its nice when a guy can dress himself well. It usually makes him look hotter. or sometimes I assume he might be gay. but usually Its really attractive

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  • it's a "safe" outfit but in my opinion too boring. Anyone can put on dark pants, a white t-shirt and a blazer... and i wouldn't notice you at all. anywhere :-) you could save this one with a nice fun shirt (like this Or at least something that draws attention.
    to me more important that a guy can dress well, is that he has his own style that suits his type.

    To get noticed, you should rather go for something like this:
    you should be able to find some cool inspiration there

  • If you are taylor lautner... ill notice you. But if ou are you wearing this outfut, just be a normal guy. Just ealk around naked

  • Not a fan of that outfit or Taylor lautnee

  • too player-ish


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