What kinds of clothing style on a girl attracts a guy?

just curious


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  • You will receive many different answers here. Let me ask you, who are you trying to attract? If you dress in tight fitting clothes or something low cut you will be appealing to the side of a man that may bring undesirable attention. Clothes should always draw attention to your face, not your body. If you want to find someone who is interested in you for who you are dress conservatively. For me, I like classic dresses, or women who wear skirts. I like old fashioned feminine women, not those who dress like exotic dancers. I prefer the "girl next door" look any day.

  • Personally I love a woman in a skirt. I don't really care what kind. I've grown tired of women departing from traditionally feminine apparel. I just love the way a skirt wraps around you and wafts when you move.

    I mean think of every movie you've ever seen where the girl finally catches the boy's eye. What's she wearing? The same jeans and Old Navy top? No, she's wearing a dress or a skirt outfit.

    I don't know. It just pulls me right in.


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