This girl who sat next to me at work seemed to like me. She will defend me in any situation and gave eye contact and smiles 24/7.

now our seating arrangement changed and her close girlfriend moved to our department and for a short while she still showed me attention.her girlfriend and I get along really well. but lately she slowing stop interacting with me is starting to flirt with this guy who she never seemed to like and will avoid eye contact our interaction with me especially with her girlfriend is around and she constantly bugs and flirt this guy who just got married a month ago. and if she gives me any eye contact or interacts with me its very brief. so I tried to ask her in a nice but she never responded to me. I'm so confused but I like her so I'm backing off and just let things play out. also now she is very shy


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  • There are several possibility.

    One she might thought you are interesting to her girlfriend instead her. Because you got along with her girlfriend quite well. You might showed interesting hints to her girlfriend unintentionally. So she decided back off and leave you and her girlfriend along. Especially, if her girlfriend told her that she is interesting to you.

    Another possibility is girls are afraid of rejection. Especially, there is no clear signs of interesting from boys. Instead directly flirt with someone she like, she might decided to flirt to someone he can't avoid or has to pay attention on. Therefore, she can judge by his reflection.

    Maybe try to ask out for a coffee or lunch. Use some excuses, because if she is not interesting to you, it's still quite normal to ask your colleagues out for a quite lunch. If she is a shy girl, I'd not think a backing off is a good idea. It'll give her a sign of uninterested. You might want to try to give her a warmer smile at every eye contact. A relatively softer and warmer voice while you talk to her. (The voice should be different to what you use to other girls).

    These are my personal suggestions. Hopefully it'll help you. Gook luck!


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