Would it be weird to ask my best girl friend to do my makeup?

Ok so I am a 28 year old male closet crossdresser. I love makeup, nailpolish, purses, shoes, all of it. My bestfriend who is a girl is so absolutely gorgeous it literally makes me jealous. Makeup, nails, hair is always just so on point I wish I could look like for sometimes. Would it be weird if I told her about my desires to get dressed up and ask her if she would do my makeup & nails?

Hey guys! so I came right out and told my friend about my desires & incredibly she was so unbelievably happy & told me she always wanted to dress a guy up like a girl. I had my makeup done, wore a brunette wig, shaved my legs, got my nails done, it was the most amazing experience ever. I learned about smokey eyes, how to do cat eyes, it really was so awesome. Thank you all for the support!


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  • No. If she is your friend I would think she would feel honored that you choose her to make you look like a beautiful girl. I did that to a friend of mine and oh man did he look awesome. I wish I had the pictures to show you. It was fun. If you have heaving facial hair you may want to shave or use stage makeup

    • I actually have a baby face lol. Should work out perfect!

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  • No! If she's really your friend, then she will listen and understand you "coming out" of the cross dressing closet : P and she should be flattered! Just a hint: GIRLS LOVE DOING OTHER PEOPLE'S MAKEUP. Always. Sometimes I wish I could do my man's lol, I only get that opportunity on Halloween . But I've painted his nails while he was asleep a few times. It's what we do. (: go for it.

    • Thank you! I think I'm gonna be like wow I really love that smokey eye look how do u do it so good? & hope she takes the bait lol

    • If she doesn't go for a "have you ever thought about being a makeup artist?" ..."you should practice on me?" you'll more than likely get a "are you serious? OKAY!! : D" Then just talk (come out about it) to her while she's doing it

  • If she's a good true friend I would hope she won't be bothered by you asking for help. There's lots of online communities for cross dressers and you might enjoy swapping ideas with people who are into the same thing as you. You tube also has tons of tutorials on make up application.


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