How do I build attraction with a man?

I am above average in looks but even guys who I think are less physically appealing as men than I am as a woman are rejecting me. They want to stay friends and do keep in contact with me off their own bat.

Why aren't they attracted to me if they like my company and think I am attractive?


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  • It takes more that looks to keep a man. Being pretty will reel them in, but if that's all you have to offer, it isn't going to keep them there.

    I understand that you may not feel the men rejecting you are not equal in the looks department, but it wouldn't matter if they thought they were. Their own confidence is getting them lucky with the ladies, so there is no need for arm candy to boost their own social status.

    Having the same problem with different people is usually an indicator that the problem lies within you. From what I read with this question, and the one you wrote previously, I get the sense that you place too much value on your looks. And since you feel it's a very important asset, you may be lacking in other areas that men think are important for their potential girlfriend to have.

    I completely understand being proud of looking good, especially if it's something you work hard at, but feeling superior about it is not confidence, that's arrogance - major turn off.

    Outright ask your guy friends their opinions, and ask them to be brutally honest. At least you would know what if keeping them at a romantic distance. Someone who knows you should be able to provide the answers you need to hear.

    Good luck.

  • To be totally honest, guys like girls who are confident, but not conceited. I understand that you consider yourself to be good-looking, and I think the same way of myself too, but sometimes its good to be confident enough, but not overwhelmingly into yourself. It's almost better to be shy and coy because men do not want to be intimidated. Men do not like to feel over-powered or intimidated. Just have fun, be yourself, don't dress up but put on just a t-shirt and jeans my boyfriend loves this), don't wear much makeup, don't try to be attractive just be because that's more attractive to men.