Dark green pants on men?

is it okay to wear these pants? or too gay lol



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  • Yuck... Green just so happens to be my unlucky colour!

    And what has gay got to do with this?

    • it's just a flaw in my question
      why do u hate the green colour

    • In the past I've had two green cars both of which got written off, and I hasten to add through no fault of mine.

      A couple of years ago we painted one of our garden sheds green and it got blown down in high winds.

      And only last year we had a part of our garden fencing demolished when a car crash into it... I'll let you guess what colour it was, the car that is!

  • just cheesy. sex with the same gender is gay. not what you wear.

    • im sorry for that one
      thanks for ur opinion

  • It's great. Why would it be gay, though? Dark colors on men, look awesome.

    • my unawareness of gayness thank u

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