Losing my battle with acne?

I am 20 years old, have had HORRIBLE acne that left scarring in my teen years. And now I'm starting to break out again after I thought I was done with this crap. I'm a clean person, take showers every day, wash my face, hair, blah blah. I just don't know what to do, I'm even starting to break out bad on my chest again and stomach.

I've been on Accutane, which is the strongest acne drug out there, three times and it is all starting to come back? What can I do?

The sad thing is, my skin is/was finally starting to look good, and my parents spent a lot of money on acne scar treatment... But now it is starting to come back.


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  • You could try the supplements DIM or Niacin.

    Here's some info on DIM: link

    And here's some info on Niacin: link

    My dermatologist told me about those supplements and so I looked them up, and they look like they may help. There was one guy that had been on accutane with no success and then tried DIM and it worked. It's not that expensive so it would be worth a shot.

    • Thanks, but I don't see how taking health supplements can help. But it is worth a try since my Retin-A isn't doing crap.

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    • No, it's not only for women. It increases estrogen metabolism which decreases the amount of bad estrogen. So anyone could use it. There are other acne meds like spiro though which only women can take.

    • Oh, and diet can have something to do with acne due to all the synthetic hormones they put in food these days.

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  • as completely backwards as this sounds, hear me out.

    sometimes you need to stop using the harsh chemicals on your skin, no matter what the boxes claim. once every week, use exfoliant. then moisturize your skin and just leave it. for the rest of the week, use either water or a really gentle face wash. neutrogena makes good stuff.

    but your drowning your pores in meds. let them breathe more often and they'll clear out.

    seriously, don't pick either. you may feel gross but I know for a fact people don't notice as much as you do. I have friends who I've never noticed acne on but they would always complain about it.

    anyways, let your skin balance itself out. sure, it' might be oily. but it releases those extra oils because you dry it out with too many meds.

    also, if you MUST use acne medicine, I recomment 10% benzoyl peroxide. I would put it on the whitehead and it would seep down and kill the germs from the inside letting it heal faster.

    sorry, I hope I could help at least a little

  • you should visit the dermatoligist and they will recommend a pill called izotrentrion...something like that haa. you take the pill once a day for 5or 6months and it targets the bacteria from the inside. you probably have the most servere type of acne. and this pill helps clean your skin forever. it comes with side effect but that you can talk to the doctor.

    they say that sometimes after the 5 months the acne comes back so they put you on the pill for another 5 months and then its gone forever.

    • That's accutane...

    • I've gone on Iso-tretinoin (Accutane) 3 times already. It cleared up my extreme acne, but 4 years later I'm starting to break out again.

    • Ohh haa didn't know it by that name.

      try natural things like pure honey with some lemon appy on your face for 30 min then rinse off with warm water.

      or try this tea called arnica. make it and with a cotton dab it on your face and let it dry..do it twice a day.

      i agree that you should lay off the chemicals. I have acne and I started using a mud mask everyday to dry them out and its working then for my scars I'm using bio oil.

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  • It really is just a hormonal issue. That means it's basic and fundamental to your body chemistry. That said these things do resolve themselves eventually.

    After having some similar issues for the past 15 years I've concluded that it's actually sort of a good thing. I think it helps the body regulate itself, sort of using your skin as a toxic waste dump for stuff that doesn't belong inside your body. Better out than in, even if it makes you look and feel bad. It's better than a heart attack or a stroke, rest assured.

    As for the scarring, that can be repaired in due course. Your body can re-absorb the collagen, once it's in a position to do so.

  • Are you eating healthy? Staying fit? Drinking lots of water (perhaps the most important)?

    Eating junk food and drinking pop are really going to make it worse (been there, done that).

    • Ok, I admit that I am a junk food junkie. I drink soda (pop) multiple times a day, eat unhealthy foods, etc. But I have been told by my dermatologist that diet has nothing to do with acne.

    • Then you need to see a better doctor. Diet is a HUGE part of acne and will cause you to break out more.

      I'm very acne prone like you and have also been on accutane. Every doctor I've ever seen has stressed diet to me and I've certainly noticed a difference going from pop/chips daily to almost never.