Girls: Prom ideas?

Hey ladies! I know that proms are coming up for most of us and I am just curious to know about some of your plans and dresses and ideas. I want to have fun with this question so add as much detail as possible! Thanks!


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  • Well, you asked for detailed:
    On the Monday before prom, my friends and I are going to get facials and waxed.
    The day before prom (Thursday), we’re getting manicures and pedicures.
    On Friday , we’re leaving school early. I’m getting my hair done, because there’s just too much of it and I don’t want the stress of trying to curl my stick straight hair. Then I’m doing my own makeup (because it’s fun), then meeting up with my friends. Once we get a few pictures, we’ll go to pre drinks together. After pre drinks, we’ll probably get a taxi to the school for the actual prom (dinner and dance). Afterwards, we’ll get a taxi to the after party.
    It’s long, cream, and floaty at the bottom. It has a sweetheart neckline, and a flowery sort of design around the bodice and trailing out around the waist, with a subtle sparkle to the flowery design.
    My shoes are matte gold, and five inches.
    Hair and Makeup:
    My hair’s going to be loosely curled, and either down my back or over one shoulder, I haven’t decided, with half of it up in a swirly updo. I have this gold and crystal hairpiece thing that’s going in the updo, and lies sort of flat against my hair so it looks like it’s almost woven in.
    I’m going with a gold smoky eye, with simple eyeliner, and either red or a more delicate pink lipstick, I haven’t decided. If I go for pink, I’ll make the eye makeup more dramatic. I’m definitely wearing false eyelashes though, they make such a difference.


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  • Original me and my friends would be ditching our 7th periods go back home get ready meet up at a restaurant eat something light head to prom early walk around a bit then head in have our fun and enjoy being with each other maybe do something after but you know what happened with my plans but turns out I may have a shot of going because I'm healing pretty well


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  • even thou I never been to prom if I went I would wear probably a ball gown dress that's strapless or wear a a dress that is off the shoulders with a sweet heart neck line
    and I would probably wear shoes and accesseries to match the dress

  • Red mermaid dress for me. I would like to suggest a champagne color