Girls have you ever been to a nude beach?

If so did you enjoy it? Did you like checking out the guys there? or if you haven't been do you think you'd enjoy checking out the men?

  • yes, I'd enjoy being naked
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  • yes, I'd enjoy checking out the naked guys (assuming they look good)
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  • no
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so... ...
gosh... would have thought at least a few would consider...


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  • I've never been to a nude beach but I've been to a beach with lots of nudes

    • really, guess it was clothing optional? which beach?

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    • no one looks good in the blazing sun where they can't open their eyes

    • hugh? why would the sun make that much impact?

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What Girls Said 4

  • No, I've never been to one. That's not really a thing here but there is one clothing optional beach that I know of. Actually, "beach" because it's like a tiny park on the lake (no ocean or sea here, so we don't have beaches).

    I've never been but my brother has been to an actual nude beach and he says he probably won't go back. He told me it's mostly old people and people you don't want to see naked.

    • If attractive men were there, do you think you'd be more compelled to dry it out?

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    • I think most 'nude' beaches are clothing optional, if you kept your swimsuit on, would you try it?

    • Like I said, those places aren't my thing...

  • I said B. There weren't um many hot guys there. Mainly the people you didn't want to see nude were the naked ones like an old lady with a walker. *shivers* but I've been to nude beaches before.

  • I've been to one and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever. (Except swimming felt A+)

    • wait did u actually get naked and walk around? I thought it would be 18+?

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    • what was so weird? were there many people there?

    • Let's just say there were a few people who were a little too overweight or old to be there..

  • I've been to one in Spain and i liked it lol was a bit strange at first and slightly uncomfortable but defiantly a experience i'll remember and id do it again

    • cool. Glad you enjoyed it. Did you like the people watching?

What Guys Said 2

  • Not a nude beach but I've been nude at a beach. It's right across the street so I usually go early in the morning when no one oneself there

  • Have you been to one?