What dress size am I?

My measurements are 32-26.5-37 and I don't know my dress size (us) I recently just lost about 40lbs and now am 117 lbs. I'm used to wearing clothes 3 sizes too big so I wouldn't know.


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  • This is only if you are in the United States
    Sizes are not standard, they very from brand to brand and even garment to garment so you're always going to have to try on to be sure.

    Generally speaking you're in the small-medium range but your hips are more likely to fit the true medium. In misses you'd be around a 4-6 (closer to 4 for the top and 6 on the bottom. However because of your age you may still fit in the juniors sizes. You might me more a medium all over and possibly a large on bottoms and a 3- for size range. Possibly a 7 for jeans. I was able to fit into juniors until right as I turned 26. Didn't gain or lose any weight or change in measurements but I woke up one morning and my size 9 junior's jeans didn't fit but size 6 misses jeans did when they never had before. Many of my friends reported the same. It was like our bodies finally set into adult.

    Congratulations on your weight loss. It is truly an accomplishment. It is going to be tough figuring out what fits and flatters your new body. If something doesn't look good: it isn't you, it's just not the right piece of clothing. Find another. It is a long process, and do not get discouraged by that fact. Good wardrobes are not built overnight.
    The toughest part though will be seeing how you actually look and not how you use to look. You won't believe that until you experience it. I lost 35 lbs 2 years ago. I still forget that I'm not looking at an overweight person in the mirror. Take time to get to know and love the new you.
    Good luck to you.


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  • then would't u just be 3 sizes smalller? or just metaphorically? If metaphorically then I would go get measured. a picture would help in guessing like small medium or large but thats really it.

    • no i'm talking like 2,4,6,8

    • and i was just measured, those are my measurements

    • oh well im not a girl so I dont know really what those mean cause for guys shirts and pants its pretty much just small medium large etc. sry : /

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  • You're sure you're 32" at the chest? If so, your tops will be XS (0-2) unless you have broad shoulders or just generally want it to be looser, and your bottoms will be S (4-6) if low-rise and S/M (6-8) if high-waisted. These may vary depending on the brand since some generally run things either smaller or bigger, but these should be your sizes in most major clothing brands.


    Since your tops and bottoms are in different size ranges, it's gonna be a bit harder for you to find dresses that fit right, especially if they're structured or tight and fit like bodycons and such. Dresses for you should meet in between then, XS/S (2-4), so that there aren't any drastic discomfort in either the top or the bottom part. That's usually still gonna be either a little loose on top and a bit tight on the bottom or vice versa though, but not by much and maybe not at all if the dress is more loose and flowy to begin with.

    I'm a couple or more inches bigger than you at the chest and I still wear mostly XS in US sizes - and mind you I don't like wearing tight shirts, so you're definitely still in the XS range and an S at the very most. Don’t get confused though, because there are styles that are meant to be very loose that it’s still gonna be big on you even if you get an XS, and then there’s those that are meant to be fitted and almost skintight which you’ll have to get a bigger size of if you want them to be looser on you. My waist and hips are just a bit smaller than yours and I wear a size 2 for the most part, but depending on the material and how stretchy and thick it is, I can go one size up or down. I won’t elaborate on the jeans anymore since it’s complicated, but I imagine it will be the same for you, so just try them on and see what’s comfortable for yourself.