Girls, I like to wear my hair down every day. What is the quickest way to style because I can't just leave my hair natural it is a wavy, frizzy mess?

I wash my hair most days so want a quick way of drying off and styling my hair each morning that doesn't take any longer than about 10 - 15 minutes.

Please don't say use a hair straightener as that is bad to use on your hair every day.

Please don't say put some sort of leave in product and let it dry naturally cos it still doesn't give my hair any kind of style.

Thanks :)


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  • wash your hair at night and not in the morning, that is your first error. Also stop washing it every day as you are stripping your hair of its natural oils. Until you get used to this, get some dry shampoo.

    I can wake up and my hair is a shiny, sleek perfect do because I know what I am doing with it... trust me with what I said and your hair will be sleeker and also in much better condition as well as easier to control!

  • Does your hair have any natural wave? You can dry it like normal and then use a texturing spray. Also if you are using a thermal protector when using hot tools on your hair, ie: hair straightner and curling irons, they are not bad to use. A curling iron would do wonders, as you can throw your hair up in a quick ponytail, curl the bottom 6 inches or so, then take down the pony and you'll have easy beach wave hair.

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