Metal plug earrings on guys? nay or yay?

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  • I like the look of metal but if the person doesn't take the time to clean them and clean them often the ewww

    • I'm a really really clean and organized person. haha so that would not be a problem and thanks for your opinion

    • Your welcome, I just know this from personal experience that if you forget you'll touch your plug the next day and wonder what died lol.

    • Lol haha :)

  • Yay for me but a lot of girls would say nay. I think They're awesome and if you really want to get them, go for it and don't care what others think

    • It actually does depend on what people think especially girls lol.

    • Well do you want them because you like them and think they're cool or are you trying to impress and attract people

    • I like them and think that they are cool

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  • Nay. -----