Hii im new. And i have a couple questions. I have dyed my hair tons but now im looking to go blonde. I did 3 bleach jobs and its super copper on the bottom and blonde at the roots.

So i read somewhere purple shampoo helps unfortunately my mom won't let me do that. She won't let me do another bleach so that's out of the question. I have 20, 30 and 40 development. I read 20 takes care of reds. Can i apply that? Im going for a golden blonde so if i apply the dye without that is it going to turn out?
What if i dye the roots brown (And not bleached blonde) and then dye the whole thing blonde?

Please help


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  • No more bleach. Your roots are blonde because the heat from your head causes the chemicals you put on to activate faster than the ones on the shaft of your hair. You can add blue and red food coloring to your conditioner to help the brassy color but only a couple drops to start. When you put it on your hair let it sit for 2-4 minutes. If you can look in the mirror during that time do so. You want to watch so that none of your hair turns blue or purple. If you can tone you should.

    • Next time start the bleach at the base, or the ends of your hair using 30 or 40 depending on how fast you can put it on or have someone put it one. Your roots should always be last and you can use 20 or 10 depending on how light your natural hair is. A great toner is a 9A or 9VA which will give you a nice pale blonde. But your hair has to be light enough. Can you post a pic of your hair?

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