Have you ever walked out of your clothes?

So I used to be really heave, and when I started losing weight, I figured I'd buy clothes when I stopped dropping the pounds. So I've walked out of my clothes before. Now today I noticed my shorts that aren't even a week old yet we're sagging on my hips big-time. I felt like I was gonna walk out of them, and they're new...

So have you ever walked out of your clothes before?


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  • First off, congrats on your weight loss!
    Yes, the same thing has happened to me. I got fat for a year when I was a teenager. When I realized it, I put a tremendous amount of effort to lose it.
    As a result I lost it rapidly and my old clothes started sagging on my body too.

    • Glad you got it off. Kinda nice feeling being able to walk out of clothes isn't it.

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  • that's good for you! and no I've never walked out of my clothes!


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