What's up with guys wanting to see you without makeup?

so my boyfriend wants to see me without makeup, his mom even says I wear way TOO much, and earlier today she stopped by to pick something up for him and she told him the she saw me without makeup and that I look much better, but I think I look WAY better with makeup?


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  • Well, even if you do think you're better with makeup, don't let him know! lol

    Low self esteem is the worst thing he could ever know about you, you don't want him to think that right?

    Well, don't wash your face intirely have some which he won't notice and be like you didn't wash your face because he asked it just that you didn't feel like wearing something in the moment ;p


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  • The girls I work with hardly wear make-up at work, and every now and then they will have pictures where they are wearing full make-up and it... just seems so unnecessary. Like they don't look like themselves or something. I don't know what it is. Red lipstick is the worst for me. I just don't like it for some reason.


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  • I think most girls look significantly less attractive when they wear excessive amounts of makeup.

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