My mom won't let me go to school without a coat, but will let me wear this outfit, how does it look?

Here is the outfit!

polyvore. com/cgi/set? id=152785951

Someone posted the link down below!!! Thanks!!!


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  • it looks fine to me, i like the pink hoody

    she will let you wear it because it keeps you warm and the puffer jacket is waterproof so its similar to wearing a coat anyway

    • Thanks! I actually like the pink hoodie, but it's not even cold out, it's pretty much spring! Don't you think that underlayer will make me look bulky?

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    • surely you can take off the puffer jacket indoors? lol, if he says anything tell him you had to remove it for class because you aren't allowed coats on inside

    • Good idea! But I will still be stuck in the turltneck and hoodie, it's warm in class but think I will just get used to it after a while?

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  • Looks okay to me!


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  • I'll post your link for you!

  • Outfit is super cute. I like the flare legged pants better than the tight ones unless you are wearing sneakers. If it gets to warm you can always take off a layer.

    • Oh she wants me to wear the tights ones under the flair legged ones!!! My brother goes to the same school to make sure I won't take off a layer... He is super mature... :S

    • Thats a bit excessive

    • Tell me about it.