Question about a guy's tattoo?

I saw this hot guy at school, i think he's Jewish because he kinda looked it and he had a tattoo in Hebrew. You probably don't know, but do you think he's a practicing Jew? He seems kind of wild and I have a hard time imagining him being religious.. I don't know


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  • I know that in Judaism your body is your temple and if you have a tattoo you can't be buried in a Jewish Cemetery. So Hebrew could also be Christian, Hebrew was the language the old testament was written in. All depends

    • Wow. I didn't know that (that your body is your temple).
      But Christianity didn't exist in the Old Testament.
      Thanks for your answer!

    • What I said has nothing to do with Christianity being in the Old Testament. It means that simply the old testament was written in Hebrew which Christians today observe as part of the bible.

  • If he was Jewish then he wouldn't even have a tattoo.


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