(Girls only please) which would you prefer?

Which would you prefer on a guy? Messy hairstyle or clean cut hairstyle? I currentky have a messy hairstyle, and people say they hate my hair, they say it would look better if it was clean cut. But what they don't know is how hard it is to manage a clean cut look with such curly hair.

So I'm just wondering, can a messy hairstyle look good on guys, or do you always want a clean cut look?

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  • www.hairdesign2015.com/.../...irstyles-for-men.jpg It can look good depending on how you are styling and how curly your hair is?

    • Its not quite that curly. It is somewhere in between wavy and curly.

      Instead if looking like this: &
      It looks more like this: ~~~

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    • I'm not sure which one you were talking about in the first link, but most of them looked good.

      But as for the one in the second link: my problem with spiking up my hair, isn't necessarily the effort of doing it, but the fact that it doesn't last. By the end of the day, that spike will be all messed up and drooping on one side lol

    • Then you are using the wrong products. The thing is, the messy look takes effort if you want it to look good all day. Or you could go for more of a clean cut look. When you go to get it cut, tell your stylist what you want down to how you want to style it and how much time you are willing to put into it in the morning

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  • Messy hair can look great on guys. But it depends on your face and body-type. It can just look terrible.

    • Hmm ok. Well my face type is oval, or slightly longer than oval. Amd my body type is average height, broad shouldered, and a thicker body (some people consider it "stocky". Do you know of any hairstyles that would look good like that?

  • clean cut always looks better

    • well scratch that not *always* but if people are telling you that you need to fix your hair then it definitely doesn't look good

    • Would you reccomend any certain 'clean cut' hairstyles?

  • I like guys with layered cuts, but thats just my preference.

    • What exactly is a "layered cut"?

What Guys Said 1

  • just wanted to see the results... and i'm very happ to see girls voted messy basically ;-)