Calling me cute?

Ok so I'm going off to a club Friday and loads of my mates are going and so is she I'm 16 and so is she, anyways I asked her opinion on what I should wear to the club, anyways she said pick the polo over the shirt,the next day she keeps calling me cute for picking out an outfit and she wouldn't stop even when I said I don't like being called cute. Is she just trying to annoy me or what?

btw for the whole clothes thing what should I wear, jeans and a ck black polo or jeans and a white t shirt with an open black shirt?


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  • You should wear jeans and a white t shirt. I haven't seen a guy wear a polo to the club. and she could be calling you cute because you said you didn't like it. But hey she's the only one who knows why she keeps calling you cute.


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