Lip piercing problems?

I'm thinking about asking my parents to let me get my lip pierced. I love in kentucky, and as long as they sign, it's legal and yay
But I have to go to school, and they only allow ear piercings, any type of rings or studs I can get that kind of hide it, like clear ones? by the way, snake bites
If this l goes according to plan, what should I do to take care of my piercing (s) so they doing get infected or irritate me?


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  • Are you sure the laws haven't changed? Fun fact, I tried to get my nose pierced in Kentucky when I was 13, and they said I had to be 15 even with a parent. I wouldn't do it if it's against school rules, no point if you can't see it, and they usually won't let you start out with the clear plastic ones.

    • I checked online before posting
      I'll just wear a scarf around my mouth a be a hipster, meeeeh
      I hope I can get clears, otherwise I am, fuuuuucked

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    • Dude just wait for high school, you can hold out :)

    • Are they allowed at kchs?

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  • Wait.
    You don't want cheap jewelry, especially with fresh piercings.
    Any quality jewelry won't be clear.
    And, you're 13.. Give it a bit.

    • I don't want quality until the holes heal to where I can put better looking ones in. I want clear to hide the holes from school, if possible

    • Lack of quality leads to lack of proper heading.
      Yes. You always always want quality.

  • Clear ones would be the best option. As for cleaning, I would think they would give/tell you a solution to use.

    • I have been up most of the night pondering about maybe trying to find skin colored ones, and have them put in until it heals so I can swap in and out, but thanks. If I manage to get the piercing, I'll probably cry like a bitch

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    • I hope I can get it though, I've been asking for a while

    • Referring to nert's opinion (she
      Blocked me so I can't respond on hers) the holes will not heal as well with cheap piercings. I'm sure you could find the clear ball ones that have good metal in them though.

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  • Lip piercing is disgusting on both genders,
    Ear piercing is nice on girls... !!